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From $99 - thorough clean, no mess left behind.

Perth Gardens offers affordable and effective gutter cleaning to help you keep your home safe from fire in the summer and safe from leaks in the winter.

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Regular cleaning benefits

Regular cleaning & checking of your gutters is an essential component of your home maintnenace. Perth Gardens can maintain your gutters while taking care of other important outdoor maintenance tasks in your garden such as clearing away leaf & tree debris..

  • Avoid leaf build up & expensive leaks
  • Increase the life-span of your gutters
  • Help prevent fire hazards
  • Emergency fast-response service is available
We Clean Up After Ourselves

First, we do our best to avoid spreading debris around by collecting it into bags. Then, we make sure to tidy up the paths and garden area too – leaving your property neater than when we arrived!

Same Day, Hassle Free Quote

In most cases, when you provide the address of the job, we can check it using Google 'Satellite' and 'Street View'.

Why Clean Gutters Brings You Peace of Mind

Clean gutters ensure that rain water can flow in a controlled way through the drainage system.

"42% of homes have roofing problems." - An Australian pre-purchase inspection report.

The main problem that blocked gutters pose is water damage. Water from overflowing gutters can cause the following issues:

  • Damage to ceilings and walls
  • Damage to furniture, ornaments and electrical goods
  • Flooding inside house or basement
  • Mold
  • Weakening of building foundations leading to structural damage
  • Damage to gutters, facias and soffits
  • Unsightly, unkempt looking house
  • Create a favourable atmosphere for Mosquitos and Rodents to breed

Since the consequences of leaking, overflowing gutters can be so awful, it makes sense to prevent this in the first place. That's why keeping your gutters cleaned regularly provides peace of mind.


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Our Guarantee

Our Ten million dollar Public Liability insurance policy through SGIO protects you in the case of any major incidents. In addition to this we offer a $500 quick resolution fund.

Our workers are protected by Workcover insurance, and are trained to work at heights safely.

In a nutshell, you can be assured that your gutters will be cleaned safely with expert efficiency.

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