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We at Perth Gardens, will give you the best gutter services for your money's worth. Keep your home protected from fire hazards in summer and water damage in the winter.

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Top 4 Reasons You Need Clean Gutters

While often left forgotten, gutters are crucial to keeping your home safe and worry-free. Perth Gardens will not only keep your gutter clean, but also take care of the leaves, and debris around your home.

  • Leaves building up in your gutter could potentially destroy your gutters and cause leaks.
  • Unmaintained gutters are prone to repairs that could branch out to any parts of your home.
  • Dry leaves, twigs and branches are fire hazards. One wrong move could easily set your precious home ablaze.
  • We offer emergency response service for those time you'll need to get your gutters cleaned quick.
Darlington gutter cleaning benefits
Darlington gutter cleaning
We Don't Just Clean Gutters, We Clean Homes

Our simple, yet highly effective process of cleaning gutters will make sure that it stays clean for a long time. We make sure that the leaves and debris we collect won't spread further by keeping them in bags. Then we clean up the surrounding areas like your pathways and garden for a thorough, mess-free home.

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Once we receive your address, we check the details of your home by doing a Google 'Satellite' and 'Street View'. In this way, you can get accurate quotes of your home in minutes.

Clean Gutters Make Your Life Better

Clean gutters will rid you of the risks and worries when these are not maintained. Rain water will flow smoothly to your drainage system and no more messy leaks!

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Roughly 42% of homes know that they have gutter problems, but it's already too late." - as stated by the Australian pre-purchase inspection report.

With a population of 3,600 and growing, Darlington is a well kept secret in which people can live a rural life even though they're so close to the city. Darlington has plenty of trees and wildlife, making it prone to leaves falling in your gutters and some wildlife getting lost and ending up in your home. This is why a monthly gutter maintenance is highly recommended. Blocked gutters can cause the following issues:

  • Weak ceiling and walls which could get easily damaged or destroyed.
  • Leaks from the gutter could easily seep through walls and ceilings which could potentially damage your furniture, ornaments and electronic equipment.
  • A heavy rain could easily flood your basement.
  • Moisture will always be present and when there is moisture, there will be mold.
  • If the water buildup in your homes foundation are no left unmaintained, it could easily damage the foundation walls.
  • The costly repair of a damaged gutter along with the damages that resulted from the leaky gutter.
  • Want to sell your home? You better keep those gutters clean as this is the first thing people look for first.
  • Dirt, and debris in and around your gutter can be home to a lot of diseases. Stagnant water can be a breeding ground of mosquitos and the pile of leaves and debris could be infested with rodents.

So don't just leave your gutters out there with all the dirt and debris in it. Prevent all the above incidents from happening in the first place by keeping having a regular maintenance schedule. Keep your gutters clean and your home will thank you for it.


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Our Guarantee

Perth Gardens have a Public Liability Insurance at hand to protect you in case of an accident while we are cleaning your home. It is under SGIO project and we assure you that you're in good hands. Aside from that, we have a $500 quick resolution plan at the ready.

Our employees are carry Workcover insurance to protect their overall well-being at work. They are also trained with the task at hand to ensure that the entire cleaning process will be safe yet highly effective.

We make sure that your gutters are 100% clean.

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