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We are the providers of the quality gutter cleaning services in Guildford and surrounding areas. Perth Gardens will make your gutters spotless. Reduce the risk of fire and water damage, get your gutters cleaned today!

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Why You Need to Keep Your Gutters Spotless

If you see your gutters as nothing but an inconvenience when it's clogged, it's time you understand the benefits of cleaned gutters. Other than cleaning your gutters, Perth Gardens can also keep your outdoors neat and tidy. We can take leaves and debris out of your backyard too.

  • Clean gutters can prevent gutter leaks that could potentially destroy your gutters.
  • Longer gutter life as water buildup can easily damage gutters, especially during winter
  • Dried leaves left in your gutter can cause fire. Prevent fire hazards with a clean gutter.
  • We recommend emergency services for your gutters and be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid gutter damage.
Guildford gutter cleaning benefits
Guildford gutter cleaning
We Clean More Than Just Your Gutters

Our team will efficiently remove any kinds of dirt and debris that is blocking your gutter. Once finished, we make sure to reduce the chance of damaging your gutter, saving you money on gutter repairs in the future. Then we clean up your pathways and backyard making it cleaner than it was before.

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Worry-Free, Stress Free Home

By having your gutters cleaned by Perth Gardens, your home's drainage system will function normally. No more messy leaks and damaged gutters!

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Guildford is a suburb of Perth about 14 kilometers from CBD. It has a population of more than 2,000 residents. Guildford is filled with trees with a high risk of bush fire. This is why a regular cleaning of at least once a month is recommended. Blocked gutters could potentially destroy your gutters in the long run. Your entire home could be affected as well. Here are some of the causes of blocked gutters:

  • Clogged gutters will cause the water to overflow and collect around the walls and foundation of your home. In the winter, the excess water could freeze and expand putting cracks on your foundation and walls.
  • The water that backs up in the gutter could cause moisture. Moisture that could possible damage wooden furniture, your fascia or any wooden parts of your home.
  • Clogged gutters create undetected leaks in the roof. This could result to interior damage to the walls and ceilings.
  • Because moisture is always present, mold and mildew can build up.
  • When the water build up stays until the winter, water will freeze and expand, thereby creating a crack in the foundations and walls.
  • The cost of repairing your gutters, walls, foundations and other affected areas can be very expensive.
  • A clogged gutter can build up moist that could attract insects like mosquito, termites, cockroaches, etc. It could also be home for rodents.

Cleaning your gutters inside and out on a regular basis can keep your home safe and save you thousands of dollars in repair bills. Plus, it makes your home look very presentable.


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Our Guarantee

Our staff are fully trained in using our unique gutter cleaning system and we are fully insured. We have a $10 million Public Liability insurance policy that is under SGIO project. In addition to that, we have a $500 quick resolution fund.

Our qualified and highly trained operator will use the most advanced gutter cleaning available. This will make sure that the job is done right, every time.

Your home will be treated with respect and professionalism that it deserves.

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Our services are the best in Guildford and is backed by our extensive list of satisfied clients. If you want your gutters cleaned professionally, simply fill up the form below. You can also talk to us at 9468-2973

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