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Perth Gardens is the leading provider of gutter cleaning services. Make your home fire-free in the summer and flood-free in the winter.

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Why You Need to Regularly Clean Your Gutters

A regular maintenance of your gutters will keep your homes cleaner and prevent the risks associated with dirty, clogged gutters. Perth Gardens will not only make your gutters clean, but also take care of the leave and debris lying around your home.

  • When leaves buildup, water passage is blocked. This causes unnecessary leaks in your gutters.
  • Save money on costly gutter repairs.
  • Dried leaves and dead branches are fire hazards. Leave them alone and you'll risk catching your house on fire.
  • Need emergency gutter cleaning services? Give us a call and we'll be there right away.
Helena Valley gutter cleaning benefits
Helena Valley gutter cleaning
We Clean Your Gutters and More!

The leaves and debris we gathered are put in bags to keep them contained while we do the cleaning. Once we're done with your gutters we make sure that the surrounding areas are spot clean. We clean up your pathways and garden areas so it won't build up in your gutter.

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Once you send in your address, we take a look at your place via Google 'Satellite' and 'Street View'. There and then we can provide you with a quote in which you'll receive in just minutes after sending in your details.

Enjoy a Fire-Free, Flood-Free Home

A clean gutter means that when the rain pours, your home's drainage system will work effectively. It will prevent leaks that could flood your home if the clog become worst. On dry seasons, dried leaves and branches left in the gutter could cause fire. Keep your gutter free of these hazards by doing a regular maintenance work.

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Based on recent statistics, around 42% of homes don't know that their gutter needs to be cleaned - An Australian pre-purchase inspection report.

With a population of around 3,000, Helena Valley is a mixed-use suburb located within the Shire of Mundaring. The suburb offers a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle. It has ample of parks and open spaces for residents to enjoy.

With so many trees surrounding the suburbs, leaves, twigs, and dried branches are likely to fall and go into your gutters. That is why a regular cleaning of gutter is a must. Blocked gutters are at risk of leaks that could potentially damage your homes. When the water overflows, it will flood the surrounding areas which can cause issues like:

  • Weak and damaged walls and ceilings
  • Water could seep through your furniture, and your electrical equipment and damage it.
  • Water buildup could flood your basement.
  • Molds will start to develop around your home.
  • Water buildup could soften the foundation of your homes, weakening and damaging it in the long run.
  • The damage it has caused will not only cost you to repair damaged gutter, facias, and soffits, but also the cost to repair and/or replace the damaged electronics, foundation, and other things that resulted from water damage.
  • Makes your home unappealing to guests. Potential buyers will turn down your offer at the first sight of your home.
  • Unmaintained gutter could be the cause of diseases in your home. Stagnant water can be a breeding ground for mosquitos and the buildup of leaves and other debris in your gutter can be a home to rodents. Both are known to carry fatal diseases.

So don't leave your gutter dirty. Prevent the above incidents from happening by doing a regular gutter maintenance. A clean gutter is a happy home.


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The Perth Gardens Guarantee

Perth Gardens is covered under a Public Liability insurance with $10 million in limits. The policy is under SGIO Project. At any case that you're involved in an accident while the homes are under our care, you are protected. We also have a $500 quick resolution fund.

Our employees meet standards of quality and efficient work. They are also trained to do the task efficiently while putting safety in mind.

Your gutters are cleaned with efficiency and precision but safety is put first.

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