How much does Gardening & Reticulation Cost?


Standard Hourly Rate

Our standard hourly rate is $55/hr unless otherwise agreed and where GST is applicable, this will be added and identified on your invoice.

Discounts may apply for long term garden maintenance arrangements or for bigger jobs.

Time Tracking

Start Time: A job starts from the time we arrive at the work site as we get to work straight away. Our start time will be noted when we arrive and will show on your invoice.

Finish Time: We record our job completion time to the nearest minute when we have packed up, cleaned up and are ready to leave. We will let you know when we are leaving and provide you with a printed invoice if you need one.

Breaks: We consider a water break of less than 5 minutes each hour to be acceptable and necessary for the well-being of our staff. If longer breaks are taken this time will be deducted from your bill. In other words you won't be charged for time that our staff are not working.

Billable Time: The time you are billed for is the total number of minutes elapsed between Start Time and Finish Time, rounded to the nearest 15 minute increment less any Break Time. Please note that time spent loading and unloading tools and materials is included in the billable time.

For example: If we arrive at 8:03am and depart at 9:14 this is a total time of 1 hour and 11 minutes. This would get rounded up to the nearest 15 minute increment, so you would be charged for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Additional costs

Tip Fees: Removing garden waste to the tip is $40 per ute-load.

Materials: All garden materials or parts that we supply will be listed on your invoice.

Chain Sawing Extra Conditions: Jobs that require extensive chain sawing are extra hard on our tools and requires us to spend extra time servicing our equipment like cleaning & sharpening. We will either do this on site (as most companies do) or will add one hour to your invoice per 8 hour of service time. We slightly higher rate is charged for jobs that are predominantly chain sawing. This higher hourly rate (as shown on your invoice) covers consumables such as chain bar oil and petrol.


A printed invoice is provided to you at the end of each visit by Perth Gardens. We will also send you a copy in PDF format to your email address on the same day.

Each invoice will show a detailed breakdown of the services Perth Gardens has provided to you. Invoices are produced so that we both have a record of the work that has been done in your garden, regardless of if you need one for taxation purposes or not. It is very useful for us to be able to refer to these records, particularly if we have an ongoing garden maintenance arrangement with you.

How to Pay Your Invoice

To make things simple and keep costs down, we kindly ask for payment to be made on the same day the service is provided. Details on how to make your payment are shown on your invoice, and each emailed invoice will have a link to make an online payment by credit card.

Payment methods we accept are:

  • Credit card: MasterCard or Visa card payments can be processed on the spot or we can email you an invoice to pay at your convenience.
  • Cash: We don't tend to carry change, but if you have the correct money, we will happily accept.
  • Direct Deposit: Funds can be deposited directly to our Westpac business account. Account details are at the bottom of your emailed invoice.
  • Cheques: We would prefer other forms of payent, but will accept cheques made out to Virtuosist Pty Ltd (the company which owns Perth Gardens).
  • By 14 day account: This option is available to Property Management customers.


Even though we will gladly provide an estimate of the number of days or half days required to complete a job at our standard hourly rate, we cannot guarantee completion of work within a fixed amount of time or for a fixed price.

Quoting for jobs can have several disadvantages such as focusing on getting the cheapest price, distracting from factors such as quality and efficiency, and not knowing if you are really getting good value. With Perth Gardens, you pay for the labour you see with your own eyes, and our hourly rates are fair and competitive within the market.

Cancellation: Cancellation by Perth Gardens at short notice.

Professional gardening & reticulation services

Perth Gardens offers premium gardening & reticulation services to the Perth Hills & Eastern suburbs.

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