How We Work

Thank you for choosing Perth Gardens to help maintain your garden, we are excited to work with you. The following information covers some of our frequently asked questions.

Who Will Be Doing Your Gardening?

Garden Manager

When you book a job with Perth Gardens, you will be assigned a Garden Manager and this will be the one person you should direct any requests or enquiries to. Your Garden Manager will respond to your emails and phone enquiries, and will work with you to develop any ongoing garden management plan.

Two Person Team

Sometimes a job is too much for one person, so we may send a team of two to work on your garden. Having a two person team is beneficial because it gives you greater knowledge and experience, more efficiency, faster work and different areas of expertise.

The hourly rate is always the same for both team members and the amount you are billed will be the total number of hours spent by all team members multiplied by the agreed hourly rate. So a half day/four hour job may be completed by one person working 4 hours or two people working 2 hours.

Specialist Consultants

Perth Gardens are fortunate to have expert consultants on our team in the areas of soil science, native plants and water wise gardening. We can personally discuss all aspects of your garden with our consultants as needed.

Chatting With Staff

We love to talk gardens, so speaking with you about how to maintain your perfect garden is never a bother to us. Please be aware though, that we often schedule multiple jobs in one day and part of our service guarantee to our clients is that we will arrive at a job within 30 minutes of our agreed time. This means that we must consider time spent talking with you as part of your billable time and it's just not possible for us to stop the clock and add time onto the end of our visit. If you're aware of this and still want to chat, then by all means, go ahead!

Liability, Risk & Insurance Issues

Liability for Damage

Please make us aware of underground pipes or services as we cannot be held responsible for damage unless you have made us aware of their existence prior to commencing work.


Perth Gardens maintains a five million dollar Public Liability insurance policy through SGIO. If you notice any damage which you believe has been caused by a Perth Gardens team member please inform us immediately so that we can fix it, investigate it or arrange for an insurance claim to be made if appropriate.


For the safety of both our team members and your pets, please keep dogs away from the area we are working in. This is allows us to focus on completing your gardening job efficiently without distractions.

Pesticides, Herbicides & Fertilisers

As we care about the environment, we try to use organic products when we can which are safer for you, your family and your pets. However, there is usually some degree of risk (however small) associated with all products so part of our commitment to you as our client is to minimise this risk. We will:

  • Provide full information on the benefits and risks associated with products we intend to use.
  • Ask for your permission before applying products we recommend.
  • Supply you with written material safety data sheets if you request them.
  • Inform you in writing & keep a permanent record of what products we have used, what quantity and where.
  • Give you specific advice regarding precautions you should take (eg Keep your pets off the lawn for 2 days).

Other important bits

Our Service Commitment

  • On time guarantee: We always like to be on time, but delays of up to half an hour can happen, especially if the traffic is bad. If we know that we are going to arrive to you more than half an hour late we will let you know. If we are more than one hour late, for any reason, your first hour is on us.
  • Absolute satisfaction guarantee: Customer satisfaction is so important to us. Please let us know straight away if there is anything you're not entirely happy with so we can fix it or refund your money.
  • Environmentally sound: We recommend and use organic soil & plant management methods wherever possible.
  • Superb and easy service experience: Email us and we'll get back to you the same day. Phone us and we'll call you back. Request a job and by default we'll treat it as urgent. Book online, pay online - fast!


We always welcome new customers. If you are satisfied with our services, please recommend us to your family and friends and we'll reward you for doing so!


We stand by our work and are proud to offer reputable services, however we know that new customers like to hear about other's experiences. We would really appreciate it if you could leave us a testimonial after a job well done to help us gain more loyal customers in the future.

Privacy Policy

We will never share any of your contact details or private information without your permission. Please see our separate Privacy Policy on our website at

Professional gardening & reticulation services

Perth Gardens offers premium gardening & reticulation services to the Perth Hills & Eastern suburbs.

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