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Perth Gardens has a team of expert gardeners and outdoor maintenance professionals ready to assist you with all your gardening needs. In addition to gardens, we offer consulting in landscape design, soil improvement, water saving garden practices, and reticulation maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Perth Gardens - Gardening Maintenance

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Whatever your gardening or landscaping goals, the Perth Gardens team can help you reach it.

We look forward to providing you with the best in gardening and first class customer service. Please contact us to have a chat about what you need.

Taking Care of Your Outdoor Area - Even When Your Schedule Is Full

The most beautiful and thriving gardens are the product of hours of dedication and care. Regular maintenance is absolutely essential to getting that perfect look. From mowing and weeding to fertilizing and improving the soil, you have to tend to the garden to get the best results.

This is a significant problem for most home owners today. They want a beautifully manicured lawnand garden, but they do not have the necessary time to dedicate to growing or maintaining it. What starts out as a labour of love turns into an obligation that you just don't have time to fill. And the longer you postpone taking care of a garden or lawn, the more time you will have to spend fixing it up.

This is a vicious cycle that prevents people from making the most out of their outdoor space.

And this is where we can really help. Perth Gardens has a number of different maintenance packages so that you can choose what you have time to do and what you would prefer to leave to us. That way your schedule never results in losing all of thehard work you have done on your garden and yard.

From assisting to prepare your garden or outdoor spacefor a big event to general maintenance, our range of services can be tailored for whatever you need right now.

Consistent and Quality Maintenance Tailored to Your Garden

Perth Gardens has consistently shown our dedication to the customer. We take a consistent approach and we coordinate closely with all of our clients to ensure customer satisfaction. Before beginning, we find out what you want and how you expect your garden or lawn to look at the end of the job. You can select one of the following services for your maintenance package:

-   Weeding

-   Pest control

-   Mulching

-   Pruning

-   Hedging

-   Tree maintenance

-   Reticulation maintenance and upgrades

-   Planting

These are the basics of taking care of any outdoor area, but each of them is important. From there, we discuss potential problems and challenges that could be faced over the course of the project.

Once we understand and verify that understanding with you, our professionals get to work. The end result is to turn a decent looking area into a well-manicured, inviting space.

This approach has distinguished us from the competition because we work with you to ensure that we get the right results. We know that you have a vision for how your garden should look. Our job is to help you make it a reality.

Schedule an Appointment to Get Your Garden Looking Its Best

Your satisfaction is our first priority. We treat every customer with the same level of professionalism, regardless of whetherit is your first time using our services or if you are a regular customer. Our team of experts have assisted homeowners throughout the area with a wide range of gardening needs and expectations. Contact us to see what we can do for you. 

Professional gardening & reticulation services

Perth Gardens offers premium gardening & reticulation services to the Perth Hills & Eastern suburbs.

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