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We'll make everything spick and span again

We all love a good backyard BBQ with our friends or family, but inviting people over when your garden is looking a mess can be a bit embarrassing.

Gardens are meant to be enjoyed, whether it's for relaxing with a good book, a leisurely breakfast or playing some games with your family. You may not be getting full use of your outdoor living space because it is simply not somewhere that feels inviting.

Without regular care and maintenance, gardens can get out of control. Unfortunately, the longer you leave it, the more work that you have to put it to get it looking good again.

Garden clean-up

That's where we can help

The expert gardeners at Perth Gardens can easily assess your garden and decide what can be done to restore it to its former glory or make it a space that you truly want to be in.

Our garden clean-up services include:

  • Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Fertilising
  • Pruning

My garden is a disaster, do I need to start again?

No, not necessarily. The obvious answer for fixing an overrun garden would be to pull everything up and start again, but fortunately, most gardens can be salvaged. The Perth Garden specialists can quickly work out what needs to be done to restore the garden to its former beauty and ensure that plants are in the optimum place for their needs.

Why should I choose Perth Gardens to do my garden clean-up?

We use a calculated approach to ensure that all garden plant needs are met and our gardening practices are ecologically sound and efficient.

We begin with an introductory consultation so that we can find out what kind of state your garden is in and what the best plan to reach your vision for your garden. Our consultation staff are highly experienced and can give recommendations on the right look for your garden and how to maintain it in the future.

Book a consultation today

Whether you need a clean-up to get you ready for the next BBQ or a complete overhaul of your outdoor living space, get in touch with the team at Perth Gardens to book your consultation.

We are confident that we will have your garden back under control in no time so contact us today on 9468 8755 or send us an email

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Perth Gardens offers premium gardening & reticulation services to the Perth Hills & Eastern suburbs.

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