Hunter MP Rotator Sprinklers

8 Feb 2015 | blog | perthgardens

G'day, Anton here from Perth Gardens. I am here at one of our reticulation jobs here in Lesmurdie.

I just wanted to tell you about some of the new sprinklers that are on the market that we are really liking for Perth soils and conditions. The ones that I am going to tell you about today are called Hunter MP Rotators which are really cutting edge technology in sprinklers. They deliver water really efficiently and evenly and can save a lot of water. Let me tell you about some of the features of these sprinklers.

These MP Rotator sprinklers come in a variety of different radiuses so they can cover different areas of garden or lawn size and one of the really cool things about these sprinklers is that you can adjust the arc of the sprinkler.

You get one of these little Hunter tools and then you can adjust both the radius (how far it throws) and the arc (how far around the circle it travels), and anything from spraying a quarter circle all the way around to whatever arc you need.

A common challenge is trying to stop water from spraying onto the paving, because most regular sprinklers come in standard arcs like quarter circle, half circle or full circle but none of the in-between sizes. As you can see here, we have got a curved lawn which doesn't fit those quarter and a half circle standards, so being able to finely adjust the arc is a really good feature.

Another thing about these Rotator sprinklers is they send out solid streams of water which rotate across the area being watered. Those solid streams of water are much better than a regular spray which makes a lot of fine mist that can blow away with the wind. You get water blowing everywhere and far less goes onto the actual garden beds with the traditional pop up spray sprinklers.

So, these are about 15 dollars or so, maybe a little bit more in some shops and that is maybe 3-5 times your normal sprinkler price. But when you consider that you can save a considerable amount of water, you are delivering it more evenly and efficiently across your garden bed, they will last longer and they can generally spray further, meaning you can use fewer of them. The actual cost of installing these on a new system is not too bad, compared to your more traditional sprinklers.

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